Taser News

Taser Wars: The Real Dangers of Loose Triggers

by Frederik Joelving

Source:  Wired.com



The BBC reports the number of police in Cumbria to carry Taser “stun-guns” is to be increased in a move to help provide round-the-clock public protection.

Cumbria police are doubling the number of officers specially trained to carry the weapons from next month. An additional 100 police officers will carry Tasers across the Workington, Whitehaven, Carlisle and Barrow areas. Tasers were introduced in Cumbria in 2005. A Taser uses an electric shock to disrupt control of muscles. More HERE


NAACP Calls for Federal Investigation

The Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP calls for a federal investigation into the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department’s use of tasers and into the deaths of three inmates who died while in custody over the past five months.

“There is a need for an independent investigation of a higher authority with subpoena powers in order to get to the bottom of why so many people are dying while in police custody. A due process should take place to hold offenders accountable, but it shouldn’t result in a death sentence before even making it to trial.  It raises grave concerns that all three died “after” being tasered,” stated Wendy Byrd, President of the Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP.

In light of the deaths in association with tasering, the NAACP will now file a formal complaint with the Department of Justice and the Stanislaus County Grand Jury to thoroughly investigate this matter.  The National Office of the NAACP has also developed a new Rapid Reporting System that allows citizens from any state to submit information directly to the national office.  Go to www.naacp.org for more information. More HERE


Electrocution Deaths Increasing as Tasers Use Becomes Widespread

I have copied the article below virtually verbatim from Pandagon, except I oppose the use of the term “race” unknown and have replaced it with “[skin color, natl. origin]” It has been proved as a matter of scientific fact that “race” does not exist, and so I’m not going to perpetuate the use of this divisive and confusing concept when other clearer and scientifically valid concepts are available, such as “skin color” “skin color group” and “national origin.”  More HEERE

Police used a Taser gun to restrain a resident outside of his home as it burned.

The resident, Mike Bartlett, said he was returning from downtown for his cell phone when he noticed his sister’s room on fire. He ran in to make sure she was not there and continued to find his friends in the basement and alert them of the fire. He said his cousin’s girlfriend was sleeping upstairs so he went back in the house to retrieve her.

“As I was running downstairs, I could hear the window glass popping because of the heat,” Bartlett said.  When he went got outside, Bartlett said police officers were at the end of the driveway. He said he approached them for help, but they dismissed him. As he walked toward one of his friends, he said the officers tackled and restrained him with the Taser gun, giving them no reason for their force. More HERE



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