Taser Torture Incidents

Tasering in Australia: A 36-year-old man who police say was sniffing gas was Tasered on the bridge of his nose. His family members say he burst into flames after the tasering. He’s in pretty bad shape. Find out what happened to him.

A New Mexico Tasering: A police chief Tasered a 14-year-old girl in the head and hip after she ran out of the police station. The Taser dart to her head penetrated her skull, and she had to have surgery. Find out how she’s doing.

Great-granny gets it: A Texas constable was in the hot seat when he Tasered a 72-year-old great-grandmother after she dared him to do it. (What happened?)

‘Don’t Tase me, bro!’ A University of Florida student uttered one of the most quoted lines of 2007 when he was Tasered while trying to ask Sen. John Kerry a question. (Bing has more about the incident.)

No longer a Badger fan: A 54-year-old nurse filed a federal lawsuit in February alleging police used excessive force and Tasered her at a college football game. (Why did they arrest her?)

Another college Tasering: UCLA recently settled a lawsuit over a student being Tasered in one of its libraries. (Bing has more.)

Death by Taser? The National Institute of Justice published a study in 2008 on Taser-related deaths. (What did it find?)

Animal rights: PETA joined the Taser discussion when it found out about one college professor’s study. (What was he doing?)



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